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  • Digital Access Grant Application for Homeschool Learners

    Empowering Homeschool Communities through Technology and Service Learning
  • Thank you for your interest in the Love Well Spent Digital Access Grant. We believe that access to technology is a fundamental right and a catalyst for positive change in the lives of young learners. This grant aims to bridge the digital divide and empower students from low-income homeschool groups, ages 5-18, by providing access to technology and educational resources. Please take a few moments to complete this application form. Your responses will help us understand your needs better and ensure the effectiveness of our grant program.

    Priority Deadline: October 13, 2023 (5:00pm EST)

    To apply, please complete the form below. All applications submitted after the priority deadline will be considered on a rolling basis.

    Here are some important things you need to do before completing this form:

    1) Please read the grant eligibility and guidelines on our website to ensure your homeschool group meets the criteria.

    2) Prepare the following information before starting the application:

    • Contact details for the homeschool educator or group leader.
    • Information about your homeschool group, including the number of students & grade levels.
    • Verification documents
  • Contact Information

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