Who We Are

About Love Well Spent

Love Well Spent is the first step towards social impact.
Our mission is to standardize philanthropy & social entrepreneurship. We believe everyone should be able to socially impact the world regardless of background or experience level.
If you've ever tried to start a community program or organize a giving project, you know all the red tape that can get in your way.
At Love Well Spent, our goal is to make social entrepreneurship commonplace & accessible to anyone without all the complex processes that often discourage many from growing their philanthropic portfolio.

How We Do It

Social impact first.

Everything we do, we do so that everyone has the ability to contribute the social change. Whether your project is in ideation or you've already taken the initial steps, Love Well Spent is here to empower you to cultivate real change.
Love Well Spent Programming
Love Well SPent & Next gen Networking event

Strategic support.

We've simplified practicing social change. We generate straightforward pathways for people to effectively invest their time, talent & treasure.
Want to initiate a temporary service project but don't know where to start? Started an ongoing project and looking for resources to build capacity?
You've come to the right place.
We discover change-makers with the best ideas to generate an impact on their world and connect them with resources to bring their ideas to life.

Increasing Participation

We connect with individuals representing vulnerable populations to encourage their participation in our core programming.