Who We Are

We're using service learning to change the face of philanthropy.

Social impact first.

We believe everyone should be able to socially impact their world regardless of background or experience level.
We create service learning opportunities for socially disadvantaged youth to pay it forward using their time, talent, or treasure while gaining industry-relevant skills.
Love Well SPent & Next gen Networking event
Love Well Spent Programming

Strategic support.

We've simplified practicing social change. We generate straightforward pathways for people to effectively invest their time, talent & treasure.
Want to initiate a temporary service project but don't know where to start? Started an ongoing project and looking for resources to build capacity?
Start here.
We discover change-makers with ideas to generate an impact on their world & connect them with resources to bring those ideas to life.

Increasing Participation

We connect with individuals representing vulnerable populations to encourage their participation in our core programming.